As an individual and as a photographer a goal of mine has always been to enrich the lives of others.  I had the opportunity to do just that during my work with GiGi’s Playhouse Community Raleigh a place for individuals with down syndrome.   GiGi’s Playhouse is all about achievement, belief and confidence, serving children and adults of all ages.

I  was fortunate to be called on by GiGi’s Playhouse of Raleigh to capture the images for their very own “One Million Voices” gallery and campaign.  You can read more about the national One Million Voices project here One Million Voices.  To say I was honored is an understatement.  The movement, the cause, the passion this local GiGi’s Playhouse organization has put forth to create this community has been outstanding.  They have worked hard over the last several months and will be opening their center in a few short months.  Details regarding the GiGi’s Playhouse of Raleigh and volunteer opportunities can be found here GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh.

This was and continues to be a rewarding experience and relationship both with the GiGi’s organization as well as the families I have met along the way.  I encourage you to get involved in your community with what ever gift you have.

There will be continued efforts to support this local group as well as other groups including the Triangle Down Syndrome Network  and Anna’s Angels.  Please feel free to contact these organizations as well if you are interested in supporting their efforts.

down syndrome baby photographer a fathers love

Down Syndrome Girl With Mother

Down Syndrome Patricia Meszler Photography Child Photographer

Mother daughter embrace Down Syndrome

Baby boy, Down Syndrome, GiGi's playhouse

Down Syndrome Patricia Meszler Photographer child photographer sisters

A special thank you to Vice President, Michelle Schwab,  for organizing the sessions and bringing all the families together to make the million voices gallery for GiGi’s of Raleigh a success.

Down Syndrome, GiGi's playhouse Volunteer